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Life after College

Sunday, June 5, 2016

So you graduated college. CONGRATS! If you are anything like I was graduating college was exciting but also terrifying because it meant I had to go full adult. I was not one of the lucky ones who graduated with my dream job lined up or any job lined up really. So I'm here to say that its not the end of the world if you didn't land a job yet, you're not alone.

I took that time in between graduation and landing my first adult job interning and going to interviews even if I knew I didn't want the job. I found that just going to interviews was really good practice and by the fifth one most of the interview jitters were gone. I would say put your toes in everything you want! My degree was in international diplomacy, my dream job was (still is) to work for the US State Department as an Ambassador or for the UN. However, on my road there (hopefully this is the road) I interned in politics for the summer and dabbled in non-profits and eventually found my self in construction... definitely didn't see that in my future. But as it turns out I really enjoy working in the Oil & Gas industry and its a field I would have never considered until I just decided why not go to the interview.

So I guess thats what I want you guys to take away from this, is that there is hope in landing an awesome job after you graduate.  Even after you seem to have tried it all, just keep persistent.

Best of luck!

xo Franchesca

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The Comfiest Jumpsuit

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Back in May I made trip down to Myrtle Beach, SC so obviously I took that as a reason to get some new pieces. Thats when I can across TOBI. They are an online boutique that offers and AMAZING 50% OFF your first order if you're a new costumer. So I picked out some items and the one thats gotten the most wear is definitely the Dolman Jumpsuit.

This jumpsuit feels like a onesie it kept me super comfy on that long road trip. Its made of super soft jersey material which can be a bit of an issue just because of the super revealing front that can stretch. For that tons of boob tape or sometimes I through a cami underneath.  I love that I can dress this up a bit just throw on a wedge and a leather jacket or keep it casual like I typically do and just throw it on with some chucks.

Keep a look out for some of the other pieces I got from Tobi!

L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream

Friday, June 3, 2016

Today I thought I'd share an oldie but a goodie. Because well I think this BB cream is super underrated and deserves so much more attention than it gets. Since I first wrote a review on this back in 2013 (woahza!) I have tried a number of bb creams and my opinion of these just being glorified tinted moisturizers still hold true.  I feel like I'm constantly trying new bases but once the warm weather hits I just can't stay away from this bb cream. This relationship has been going strong for three years now!

However this is the closest one that I think resembles that of an eastern bb creams, especially for the drugstore. This one stood out to me because it was in the skin care not the makeup aisle. Here are the clams that I got of the L'Oreal website "Youth Code™ BB Cream Illuminator instantly evens, illuminates, perfects, moisturizes, and protects skin. In one week, tone and texture are improved and skin is healthier looking".  I totally think this bb cream lives up to its claims, besides the tone correcting properties. I leave that up to my skin care, and I think this would have to be worn daily to see the results and well I like to go days without makeup as well as use different products. I can however say that my skin loves this stuff. It is super moisturizing and give this beautiful glow to the skin. I've worn this out to the bars and every time I do some guy is telling me I have beautiful skin. Guys don't normally compliment skin, so I'm going to assume they weren't just hitting on me. I love using this on its own or under a foundation, because whenever I do use this, the next day my skin looks amazing. I usually reach for this most often when I'm experiencing a breakout because its light and evens out my complexion. I think this bb cream is great for all skin types, however it would do wonders for those with dry to normal skin. If you have oily skin I would recommend you set this with a powder. My only issue with this bb cream is that it comes in two shade light and medium. I have it in medium and it only matches me when I'm tan, however at the moment I am not so it's a bit dark for me. I wish L'Oreal would come out with more shades!  

All in all if you can wear one of the two shades, I totally recommend this product. It has worked great for me and hope it does for you too. If you've tried this bb cream, what are your thoughts on it? 

Have a great weekend!

Powder, Pomade or Crayon?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Remember when there was only two methods of eyebrow products? Oh the simple days... Today it seems like theres a new innovated eyebrow products every month but the trend tends to stay the same one moth pencils or crayons are all the age the next pomades are the new thing and then you get right back to keeping it old school with a powder.

So in a world where there are SO many options, where do you start? Well today I'm going to share with you my thoughts on where these belong in your life.

So you like a natural brow or you want something super quick, then definitely go for a crayon. These formulas allow you to imitate small brow hairs for a super natural look and the tend to be quickest method.

Maybe you want to define your brow a bit and fill in some spare areas but still keep it natural then go for a powder, a little bit more effort but totally worth it. Just make sure you have a good angles brush to get clean lines.

Now here is where the lines can get a bit blurred POMADE. For me I reach for my pomade on a night out or when I know I'm going to having a long day and I need my brows to stay put. Now there are some magicians out there that can make a pomade look natural. Sadly, I'm just not one of them. For me pomade means bold makeup.

Do you guys have different formulas for different occasions? I know we tend to do this with foundation but I'm curious if others do it with eyebrows as well.

Non Intimidating Color Correcting

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I have always had dark circles and I always will. Unfortunately my undereye problems are genetic (my mother would beg to differ). However, ever since becoming a mom and running on broken sleep for the past seven months I have become full raccoon. Concealer on its own is not sufficient coverage for me anymore. That is when I shopped my stash a found the Tarte CC undereye corrector. I had picked this up last summer and honestly forgot about it (no real time for makeup anymore). I had heard Amelia Liana rave about this for sometime and thought I'd give it a go considering I have always suffered from dark circles and her recommendations haven't steered me wrong yet.

The Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector runs for $24 USD which is a good price but only comes in two really similar shades. I honestly could've gone with either one but in the end went with medium-tan. I found it really interesting that this corrector is said to improve the appearance of skin tone and texture over time. Now I'm not to sure about the science behind this, but if it wants to do all that awesome if not I wouldn't expect it to.

The texture of this is creamy, so initially I was scared this would crease on me. However you only need the tiniest bit to get a thin layer and I love that because it doesn't interfere with the performance of my concealer.